• fundamental investment objective  (long-term stable income, education facility, obejkt for development testing, the reference object)
  • Description of investment (investment covers the investment in photovoltaic power plant)
  • Type of technology (PV power, with power of 80 kWp, monocrystalline silicon-best efficiency,
  • orientation towards the south-will not be tracking the presence of wind, the optimum inclination, conversion to 3 phase, 0.4 KV)
  • Innovation (priority of energy-is not consuming fossil fuel, not polluting, reduces greenhouse gases, specialty will be in remote control provided by the supplier; We will built a control center, which will allow control and carry out other plants; We will build a service department that will provide services, learning center, counseling basing on experience)
  • The impact of investment on the environment (mentioned investment has no impacts on the environment, consequently reduces  CO2 emissions).

OIC Hrpelje 38
6240 Kozina

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