• purchase and installation of steel structure on the roof of the building, in order to ensure proper seat for maximum efficiency of solar panels. The roof of the building is flat and therefore would not provide optimal results;
  • purchase and fitting of single crystal solar panels to the structure;
  • purchase and installation of a special container object for the installation of other equipment of photovoltaic power plant:
  • pre-voltage protection and disconnectors on the DC side,
  • Inverters for convertion of DC voltage of photovoltaic panels in the three-phase AC 3 x 400V,
  • surge arresters on AC side, the equipment for the measurement of the electricity produced,
  • disjunctive place to remove solar system from network;
  • Implementation of all necessary wiring;
  • installation of a special control unit, which enables remote monitoring and management of solar power and optimize the operation;
  • Creation of separator site;
  • Lightning conductor;
  • Implementation cable conduit to a termination site (existing transformer station);
  • Implementation of solar power and connection to a public distribution network in the existing transformer station.
  • The company Altena ltd has become a leading supplier of electricity from solar power plants in the region
  • The project, wich is investment in photovoltaic power plant was successfully built and is already functioning
  • The implementation of investment into photovoltaic power (supply all the necessary materials, production, final assembly and start-up of solar power in 80 kW rated power, with the transduction set of 100 kW) lasted in accordance with the schedule of the contract nr. 009-PDGP01 between companies Altena ltd and Robotina ltd.
  • the company is planning, in the second half of 2009, to realize new working places, as at the moment of delivery of the request (1) they had one employee, and planned were three (3) employees. Within the next few years, the company will realize the planned situation, concerning working places.

OIC Hrpelje 38
6240 Kozina

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